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Jonathan Koshal's Story

I have been a tour guide in Maasai Mara game Reserve for the last 15 years.  

My diverse experience comes from working with clients from many countries around the globe who come to experience the magic of Maasai Mara.  

My passion is Wildlife and I am devoted to Community Empowerment.  

I am also a photographer who captures the amazing world around me throughout the year. 

I pride myself in delivering quality service to my clients. Whether a family or professional photographer 

I use my skills and the power of communicating with my community to locate unique experiences  

to show my clients.  From seeking out a pride of lions with newborn cubs, to the locating the elusive Rhino or Leopard I never tire of providing an unparalleled experience.  

I have personally created several awareness programs on the importance of conserving wildlife. 

Recently, working with a photographer I was able to show him the nature that surrounded us and   

My client took the 2nd best photographer prize in the Greater Mara Competition.  

My interest and passion in conservation and nature provides lively discussion with friends, mentors and any stakeholder and I am happy to share my knowledge and have my clients learn about the surroundings of my homeland. 

Maasai people are pastoralists and nomadic. Their main sources of livelihood is purely on livestock. The co-existence between Maasai and wildlife in the park remains the sustaining factor behind the rich wildlife in Maasai Mara.  

Maasai people don't eat wild meat.  I believe it's among the reasons Maasai people live harmoniously with wild animals. 

Maasai people have a rich attractive culture which makes more tourists visit the park. I am happy to share stories and discuss the culture and ways of the Maasai people with my clients. 

In the past clients who have been happy with my work, have gotten involved in community development helping to sponsor local children and schools, even building classrooms. This help for our local communities is extremely important and I am dedicated to this in my work. 

Pollution has been a great challenge as well.  With a team of tour guides in the Mara I participated in an annual clean-up of the Maasai Mara game reserve to reduce plastics thrown during game drives. 

This cleanup exercise that we introduced with guides is helping to care for our land which is very important.   

I hope that I can show you the wonders of my homeland, in a special way that will stay with you forever. 

It is a privilege to do the work I do and to share my life with the wildlife I see every day. 

I look forward to sharing this world with you. 


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Lauren Bio.heic

Lauren Gezurian-Amlani

Co-Creator / Partner

An avid world traveler, Lauren’s love of animals and nature began at a young age. From her days of working on Wall Street in New York, to her time in Los Angeles as a Disney Imagineer, to the many years of living in Paris and teaching, she has continued to be attracted to the African continent and its natural world.


During the winter of 2016, her husband, a native of Uganda, learned about Jonathan and his impeccable reputation as a guide in the Mara.

“The Lion Whisperer” as he has come to be nicknamed by their family, Jonathan’s connection and understanding of nature and to the big cats is remarkable. His knowledge of his homeland and nature is incomparable. A proficient photographer himself, he has a keen eye and instinct for placement and position guaranteeing perfect shot. In 2021during another visit, it became apparent that the creation and mission of Eye of Maasai would be to bring Jonathan’s knowledge and keen guiding abilities to as many people as possible.

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